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Holiday Orders
Due to the busy holiday season, orders placed online beginning 11/04 are not guaranteed Delivery before 12/25 for Christmas.
Please email for Holiday Gift Orders.

NEW!  12x16 Watercolor Portrait

The 12x16 Watercolor Portrait best includes someone's personal interests, favorite places, and close friends or family into one painting!  Have Fun with their favorites and make the perfect, unexpected gift to give!

 Hint:  The more personal, the better!

12x16 sample3.jpg
12x16 sample1.jpg
12x16 sample2.jpg

12 x 16 Watercolor Portrait
Fits about 7 illustrations

Moment Maps

How to Order

1)  Select your size painting below and purchase.

2)  Complete the Moment Map Questionnaire.

3)  Submit your questionnaire and photos to 


The information you provide will help me design your painting, so please be detailed and specific, including full location names.

Hint:  The more personal, the better!

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9 x 12 Moment Map
Fits about 10 illustrations

12 x 16 Moment Map
Fits about 15 illustrations

18 x 24 Moment Map
Fits about 20 illustrations

Watercolor Portraits

 All subjects must be together in one photo and in the clothes they'd like painted.

Pets may be sent separately, but please show size comparison.