Moment Maps

9 x 12 Moment Map

Fits about 10 illustrations


12 x 16 Moment Map

Fits about 15 illustrations


18 x 24 Moment Map

Fits about 20 illustrations


How to Submit!

Complete the Moment Map Questionnaire and email to 

The information you provide will help me design your painting, so please be detailed and specific.

Hint:  The more personal, the better.  Details such as specific places, cars, pets, and other little

tid-bits are all important and fun to add!


May be included as well for me to reference. 

Please include your questionnaire and photos in one email.

 Thank you!

Watercolor Portraits

8 x 10 Watercolor Portrait

Painted on 140 lb. archival watercolor paper.

Watercolor Portraits are Priced per subject:

Adult - $35.00

Child - $25.00

Large Dog - $20.00

Small Pet - $15.00

Background - $50 - $75 depending 

Please email with your photo.  Thank you!

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